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    Soft Washing versus Pressure Washing

    What is the best way to wash your home? It’s more difficult than you imagine. Pressure washing and soft washing are two main ways to clean exterior surfaces, however, they differ in their terms. Although both are placed within the “pressure washing” category, they are very different “pressure washing” categories, it’s crucial to know the distinctions when it is about soft washing and. pressure washing and the best time to apply each method.

    If, for instance, you’re using high pressure to get rid of general surface dirt there is a chance of damaging the structure of the surface. On the other hand, a soft wash might not completely cleanse the surface if appropriate detergents aren’t used.

    There is a distinct distinction between soft washing and pressure washing. The scenarios in which they work significantly differ. Our goal is to make sure that you are aware of the options available and which one will best suit the particular cleaning of the surface.

    Soft Washing pressure


    What is Pressure Washing?

    Pressure washing employs water tension (or PSI) to clean harder surfaces that have deeper embedded or insinuated contaminants. It is usually the most effective method of removing the stain or paint that is loose to prepare for staining or painting.

    High pressure is great to prepare aluminum siding for paint. However, it’s not the recommended procedure to apply without the intention of painting it later. In this scenario your possibility of taking away the siding’s finish. Concrete older than three years may benefit from a stronger wash, but always be careful.

    In short, greater pressure is ideal for:

    • Preparing the aluminum or wooden siding for painting.
    • The decks are being prepared to be stained (removing wood fibers that have grayed and lose paint or stain).
    • Concrete cleaning that is more than 3 years of age.

    What’s Soft Washing?

    Soft washing can deliver the cleaners and water in greater quantities but at less pressure.

    It utilizes a lower-dilution type of cleanser than a typical soft wash. If you’re thinking about routine cleaning of your home roof, deck, or concrete that is newer, gentle washing is the best method.

    What Does Prolific Power Washing Can Aid

    With an understanding of the differences between soft washing and pressure washing, you will be aware of what you should be aware of when you call a professional pressure washing company. If you’re looking for projects that require the highest pressure or a soft clean, Prolific Power Washing has a team of experts to meet your requirements. Call us to get a no-cost quote!